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I learned from the real world managing my tourism company and I learned sound theory researching and writing my thesis on political crises and tourism.
I learned how much the tourism business needs the right mix of academic knowledge and business experience to endure and flourish through the crises of global tourism today.
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06 February 2014

Welcome to my new endeavor!

A new window of opportunities 
After four gruelling years of researching and writing my doctoral dissertation, I did it! The proof lay before me as I glance at the nicely bound green book with gold lettering that reads, Development of a Framework of Political Crisis Responses for the Tourism Industry. While it’s an attractive keepsake to be sure, the best reward of this intensive process still awaits. It is my intent that this new blog bridges the gap between the academic theory of travel and tourism and my real-world experiences in the field.

Who we are – Vorawan & Associates Ltd. was founded by me in the aftermath of my doctoral degree. It seemed only natural to create a consultancy which, like my own background, draws upon the unique knowledge and resources of both the academic and business worlds to better serve clients. V&A Ltd. is based in London and offers tourism crisis management consulting services to a range of private organizations, NGOs and government agencies. Additionally, we participate in conferences and publish industry papers and books on the subject.

While I leverage my knowledge of the effects of political crises on tourism, it is the “associates” element of this consultancy that is crucial to developing a unique, valued and credible reputation by serving clients who face increasingly complex issues. These associates will continuously evolve to include academics and industry executives alike who possess broad knowledge and experience that can be applied to tourism, politics and crisis management.

What to expect - Expect to find V&A Ltd.’s published papers, conference schedules and associates’ biographies on our new website, This blog will offer a mix of trim academically-oriented short papers and current event analysis alongside trade-oriented briefs devoted to application models and practical suggestions. The blog, like the consultancy itself and my own background, reflects the integral connection between theory and practice to best serve our clients and readers alike.

With that, welcome once again to this new endeavour!

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